JM Lexus - Margate, Florida

This project initiated as a remodel to combine the existing two showroom
buildings into one larger building on the 12 acre site.  The 8,000 s,f,
addition more than doubled the size of the original two separate showroom
buildings for a total of 15,000 s.f., combining new and preowned vehicles
under one roof. The project requirements included maintaining the Lexus
building brand with the trademark fluted EFIS parapet detail.  Estimated
construction cost $5.2M.

A large 3 story Service Building was added following the completion of the
renovated showroom building to further enhance customer offerings.  The
new 90,000 s.f. building included 7 quick service lanes on the first level and
an indoor fully air conditioned 25 bay service center on the 2nd level.  The
3rd level was dedicated to administrate functions and a large meeting room
for employee gatherings.  Estimated construction cost $ 14.3M   
Completed Projects